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Chevy Silverado Sport v1.0
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Chevy Silverado Sport v1.0

Today we bring you another awesome farm truck from Winston.  This time it is a Chevy Silverado Sport with tons of features.  Towing wise it has both a regular trailer hitch and a goose neck hitch so you can tow all your trailers to your hearts content.  Load wise it has both a load locking script and tie down straps so whatever you load into the bed will stay where you put it.  The Chevy Silverado sport also has spotlights and a bed light so you can see what you are doing in the dark.   This is one highly detailed model.  So what are you waiting for check it out.

winston9587, Testing and Pics By carolinaboy.

  • Wow


    2017-12-20 00:31
    This thing is fugly to a degree that should be illegal. I not only need eye bleach for just seeing this piece of crap, I need to chug draino and end it all so that I am not in a world where such a hideous mod exists.
  • Dominic
    2017-12-20 14:11
    you try to hard and it's annoying
  • Ditto
    2017-12-20 18:17
    Ditto what JIMMYBLUES said. I have had several of your mods that won't purchase. Figure it out please.
  • Silviu1993
    2017-12-20 18:18
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ERPehr6pds
  • Dumb a$$es
    2017-12-21 20:18
    This IS not a MOD Release, stop treating this as a MOD RELEASE, do your reviews, but stop MISLEADING everyone thinking they are new mods, This mod was released MONTHS AND MONTHS ago,
  • George downs
    2017-12-22 17:31
    @winston9587 can i edit the mod plz then can i put this mod on the modhub
  • George downs
    2017-12-22 17:32
    and i love the mod guys i am not sure what u guys talking shit for it work for me
  • Shitty!
    2018-01-01 00:53
    what a shitty ass mod, muthafuka.
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