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City from Vaszics v1.0
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City from Vaszics v1.0

City from Vaszics 1.0
The map is 4x
Key data
Cannery (SaladMix, Coleslaw), Cake Factory, Yogurt Factory, Refinery, Bakery, Hmilk, Distillery, Sawmill, Sand, Sugar Factory, Compost Master, Plum Garden, Cherry Garden, Mill, OilMills, Potato Center, Reibekuchen, , Weberei, Fermenting Silo, Dryer, Forage Factory, PigFood factory
Airport, Buffalo Grill, Bale Storage, Building Market, Pub, City, Citrix Grain, Farmshop, Fuel Sales, GrainMill, GrainTrans, Horse stable, Manure processing, Port of grainmill, PowerPlant
Wheat, barley, rape, oat, hops, spelled, sugarBee, potato, onion, carrot, lettuce, grass_windrow, straw, dryGrass_windrow, chaff, silage, forage, pigFood, compost, woodChips, Beer, bread, hmilk, sugar, flour, cake, cherry, plum, saladMix, yogurt, cabbage, redCabbage, cookingOil, coleslaw, reibekuchen, steamedPotato, washedPotato, strawberry, stoffrolleMK
Larger objects
Port, Railway station, Airport, City, Villages, Tunnel systems, lighthuse, radio tower, transport systems
Number of fields 17
Field 1-2-3-4 is owned by grass 1.
The map can also work with trained trains. To do this, the contents of the attached train / new directory must be copied to the correct location of the original FS17 program (it is recommended to copy it from the original library before copying).
C: \ Program Files \ Farming Simulator 17 \ Farming Simulator 17 \ data \ vehicles \ train
In this case, a trained and otherwise formulated train fitting will be run.
The power and volume of some machines and equipment I use and suggested for the map have been changed. It is only recommended to use these devices, of course everyone uses whatever equipment you want.
I have attached the basic equipment I have proposed to the map (defaultVehicles \ new \ Machines and modes required directory). In this case, the defaultVehicles.xml file must be replaced in the map.
The Proposed machines and modes directory contains the methods that can greatly help the game.
Growth rate has been accelerated for arable crops.
You can personalize it according to your preference in the growthControl.lua file in FS17_GrowthControl mode by changing the current values.
Growthcontrol.maxnumfruits = 20;
growthcontrol.fruitnames = {[0] = "wheat" [1] = "grass" [2] = "rape", [3] = 'barley' [4] = "maize" [5] = ' Not used ", [6] =" potato ", [7] =" sugarBeet ", [8] =" sunflower ", [9] =" soybean ", [10] =" oilseedRadish " "[12] =" spelled "[13] =" oat "[14] =" rye, "[15] =" hops "[16] =" redCabbage "[17] =" onion " [18] = "carrot" [19] = "lettuce", [20] = "cabbage"};
growthcontrol.growthhours = {[0] = 3, [1] = 0.1 [2] = 3, [3] = 3, [4] = 3 [5] = 0, [6] = 3, [7] = 3, [8] = 3, [9] = 3, [10] = 3, [11] = 3, [12] = 3, [13] = 3, [14] = 3, [15] = 3 [16] = 3, [17] = 3, [18] = 3, [19] = 3, [20] = 3};
If you want the factory setting, you can delete the FS17_GrowthControl mode from the MOD directory.
Good game!


  • Rien de bon
    2017-07-15 23:28
    c'est tres tres tres tres tres tres tres tres tres tres moche dsl
  • Brandon09
    2017-07-15 23:46
    play whithme
  • Jake olsen
    2017-07-16 00:53
    waoo thats C.R.A.P Inc. - SHIT AND SHIT!
  • Josshyy
    2017-07-16 01:20
    nice map thanks
  • Nn


    2017-07-16 01:32
  • Julien
    2017-07-16 04:05
    vaszics arrĂȘte de faire des maps aussi laides ! -20
  • Vaszics
    2017-07-16 07:21
    Dear Everybody!From the comments made so far, it is very clear that this map also shared the players. I'm sorry, as you can see my perception of visual formatting. I can only say who he does not like, not playing with him, or playing and maybe knowing my philosophy, he loves me.
  • Im sorry
    2017-07-17 04:06
    I'm sorry but the map looks like shit. The roads are too black, you use roof tiles for pavement, you have no back ground, it doesn't look nice at all. It looks like you just took a bunch of stuff and put it everywhere.
  • Vaszics
    2017-07-17 07:20
    Dear IM SORRY!Well, thank you for your comments. Editing the map within the editor limits is very wide. The blackness of the roads is no worse than a dull monotonous gray. You say the map is just tapped and nothing original is in it. I do not know where you saw such a tunnel system, such information plate. The individual objects are carefully crafted as much as possible, and the help tables are also designed to help the game.
  • Vaszics
    2017-07-17 07:21
    Dear IM SORRY!I've looked at a lot of maps and based on the experiences I have gathered on the map. Maybe try to play with her.
  • Matrix50
    2017-07-17 14:26
    There are many beauty errors in that folder. And vehicles are floating in the air, and 3 different roads have been used, so I'm going to change it, so it will be perfect .. but otherwise a good map.
  • Vaszics
    2017-07-17 19:20
    Dear MATRIX50!Feel free to change what you want, otherwise I'm glad you like it.
  • Ra


    2017-07-19 07:17
    Like the map but there are some issues. Can not get the Krone cutter to harvest cabbage or red cabbage. There is a post with box in the middle of field 1. The correct fruit is displayed in fruit types for cutter but when you try to harvest it says it is chaff.
  • Ra


    2017-07-19 08:14
    I tried to harvest lettuce with your Krone mod and it just says its chaff. I think this could be a good map but not being able to harvest 3 crops makes it not playable. Not complaining but why do you have a road down the middle of the map that you really can not use.
  • Vaszics
    2017-07-19 11:06
    Dear KI!I reviewed the issues you raised. The machine in the defaultVehicles \ new \ Machines and modes required / Suedhemmern_HolmerPack_Small.zip is suitable for harvesting lettuce, cabbage and redcabage. Field # 1 is grass-fed. To extract this, you can use the defaultVehicles \ new \ Machines and modes required / FS17_kroneBigXPack.zip mode machine andI used a cutter in FS17_kroneXDisc1860.zip.
  • Vaszics
    2017-07-19 11:07
    Dear KI!The car stereo is not really interoperable north-south. That is why I have centered two bridges, one underpass on the west, and one bridge on the east side. I think this is a sufficient crossing. I'm glad you called me, so I was able to regain it. Thanks.
  • Vaszics
    2017-07-19 11:11
    Dear RA!I apologize for the address. Of course RA!
  • Chief cdog
    2017-07-19 19:55
    I tried your Lexon Big combine and it works pretty good but has a major flaw. It takes for ever to unload. It is real,real,real,real,real, real slow unloading. If you ever fill it up to 2million units it would take all day to unload it. I mean all day at real time. I think I will change my normal combine to hold 2 million and just use your head. Dont know if that would work, but might try it.
  • Ra


    2017-07-20 03:19
    Thanks the Holmer mod did the trick for harvesting cabbage, red cabbage, lettuce. Back in business. Food for thought if you converted the HR 9 heads to HR 12 it would really speed up harvesting big fields. That object in field 1, appears to be a electrical box with steel post. This is not a grass field, it is a crop field. Thanks Again
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