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City from Vaszics v2.4
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City from Vaszics v2.4

City from Vaszics 2.4
Changes compared to version 2.3
Due to the updating of Farming Simulator 1.5.1, the map had to be redirected.
The compost was driven out of the map.
New fruit is the greenmanure that has replaced the compost.
A new plant has been set up. Green manure is a mixing and ripening plant, in the north of the Compostmaster site.
The production, storage and sale of sand and gravel have been modified.
Here is a direct sand and gravel selling point on the island.
In the juice production, the compost finished product was replaced by the manure. The cherry and the plum parts have also been restored.
The information boards have been revised.
Repairing PDAs.
Smaller landscaping.
Factory and store info has been updated (Externally PDF file). Due to the modification, XLS is also included in the package.
Re-examine the sales system.
Version 2.3 was also valid.
To change the names of modes who are already playing the map, replace the following (new player has no action).
These modes are:
These are the ways.
The two drills must be re-purchased.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
The main data of the 4x map:
Factory (40)
(cement), Rabbits (rabbitmeat), Rabbits (rabbitmeat), Rabbits (rabbitmeat), Green manure, CoffeeRaw, CoffeeRoaster, Biofood (fatteningfood, goosefood, rabbitfood), Goose (V), Oil field (oil, motoroil), Sand_gravel Slaughterhouse (sausage, meat), Brewery (beer, strawberry beer, raspberry beer, redcurrants beer), Cannery (saladMix, coleslaw), Cake factory, Yogurt Factory, Refinery, Hmilk, Distillery, Sawmill, Sand, Sugar factory, , Potato Center (Potato Center, Steamed Potato), Reibekuchen, Soya, Weberei, Pallet, Eggfarm, Greenhouses (strawberry, raspberry, redcurrants), Greenhouses1 (tomato, cauliflower, lettuce, pumpkin, melon), Dairy (yogurt, condensedmilk , Kefir, butter, Fish (kaviar, live and frozen trout, fish meal), Noodles, Juice, Backwaren, bread, Whiskey, Fermenting Silo, Dryer, Forage Factory, PigFood factory
Store (28)
Cowshed_construction, Airport, Bufalo Grill, Bale Storage, Building Market, Pub, City, City Grain, Farmshop, Fuel Sales, GrainMill, GrainTrans, Horse Stable, Manure Processing, Port of GrainMill, PowerPlant, Fish2, Shop1, Shop2, Shop3, Fruit1, Fruit2, Fruit3, Sand_gravel sale
Products (94)
green manure, coffeeBeanBD, coffeeBD, fatteningfood, goosefood, rabbitfood, goosemeat, gooseliver, oil, motoroil, gravel, cement, concrete, rabbitmeat, wheat, barley, rape, maize, sunflower, soybean, potato, onion, carrot, lettuce, grass_windrow, straw, dryGrass_windrow, chaff, silage, forage, pigFood, woodChips, booze, beer, hmilk, sugar, flour, cake, cherry, plum, cookingOil, coleslaw, reibekuchen, steamed Potato, washed Potato, stewrolleMK, empty pallet, easter egg, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrants, cardboard, yogurt1, condensedmilk, kefir, butter, caviar, live and frozen trout, fish meal, noodles, cauliflower, lettuce, pumpkin, melon, backwaren, whiskey. potato chips, strawberry beer, raspberry beer, redcurrants beer, sausage, meat, bread, backwaren, barleyflour, cornflour, wheatflour, manure, liquidManure, stoffrolleMK
For more information, see the enclosed guide (Guide1).


  • Marcello
    2017-11-11 22:13
    bonsoir vaszics bravo pour la mise a jour 1.5.1 et merci pour cette belle carte comme d'habitude toujours que des belles cartes avec vous
  • Vaszics
    2017-11-11 22:29
    Salut MARCELLO!Vous me respectez en jouant avec ma carte. Merci.
  • Marcello
    2017-11-12 03:46
    bonsoir vaszics je n'arrive pas a decharger grass windrow avec remorque drakkar grass windrow = herbe ? ou herbe seche peut etre le declancheur ne va pas, j'ai joué avec vos cartes fs 2015 et maintenant fs 2017 et toujours des cartes vaszics
  • Vaszics
    2017-11-12 08:13
    Salut MARCELLO!Généralement, la remorque ne manipule pas l'herbe ou la met dans un certain endroit. La bande-annonce FS17_Cat_SemiTrailer_500000 dans le paquet est sûre de recevoir l'herbe. S'il y a un problème de déversement local, assurez-vous de marquer l'emplacement et j'essaye de le réparer.
  • Vaszics
    2017-11-12 09:32
    Salut MARCELLO!L'usine d'engrais vert a amélioré le lavement d'herbe, City 2.4 a été installé sur le net. Téléchargez-le. Excusez-moi.
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