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CLAAS COUGAR 1400 v2.1
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CLAAS COUGAR 1400 v2.1

Self-propelled mower Claas with working / maximum speed - 25/52 km / h.
Control of the wheels in the folded state is the opposite.
The price is 75,000 (per day 100).
Working lighting equipment.
Clean log.

Changes in v2.1:
Fixed camera in the cockpit.

Zeph, Richwoodrocket

  • @demonbobr
    2017-09-12 21:19
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    thats pretty close https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDFPhJnslzQ good work
  • Tractor23
    2017-09-12 21:38
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    bonjour bonne machine mais y aurais t'il pas moyen de changer le bruit du moteur pour un son plus gros qui irais avec la machine qui est quand même imposante.
  • @tractor23
    2017-09-12 23:15
    0 0
    c'est un changement facile dans le fichier xml
  • @demonbobr
    2017-09-12 23:25
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    what kind of dam noob are you
  • Me


    2017-09-13 05:36
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    everyone NEEDS to understand 1 thing with this mod. The driving direction of this mod will only change ONCE THE MOWER IS ACTIVE. Once you turn on the mowers, does it change directions. It had the same problem in 15. Other than that the mod rocks. It mows great. Collisions are ... well different.
  • Silviu1993
    2017-09-13 18:33
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    mod review here...........https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhBh365oIT4&t=5s
  • Ford  fan
    2017-09-13 21:32
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    yup same driving direction while mower is active just like in 15, i hate mowing in reverse a V2 with driving direction while mowing fixed is welcomed.
  • Hahaha
    2017-09-14 20:34
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    I have a version of this that works just fine with proper driving controls while mowing or transporting.
  • Kees
    2017-09-15 20:24
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    Ok nice mod but the look and feel is still v1.1. Steering is also bad but lets asume it will be fixed one day.
  • Franco
    2017-09-20 15:38
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    steering doesn't work good if the cougar is in transport the steering is as follow:W: foreward, A: is right, D: is left and S: is backwardsif the cougar is in mowing modus then the steering is as follow:W: is backward, A: is left, D: is right and D is forwardsplease solve this litte problem
  • Airbinder
    2018-07-29 10:44
    0 0
    if you can see if farmingsimulater can a this to modhub text them at @farmingsimulater
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