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Claas Jaguar 900 Series V3.0 Final Beast
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Claas Jaguar 900 Series V3.0 Final Beast

Hello, I have made the new version of Jaguar! It is also the last version.
Thank you for your comments and suggestions. I improved many details as well as textures and model. This is the maximum available option. Have fun!

Changelog for Jaguar V3 Final Beast:
- Improved texture, shine and dirt
- New model elements
- Improved inside, screen and new joystick
- New Michelin tires -> 3 types of tires (Michelin, Michelin XL, Michelin XM)
- The configuration of all Trelleborg tires has been changed
- New XL tube. Better model and it is better programmed. Also bigger, fits better with Orbis 900
- New sticker configuration (Agravis or Gavazzoni)
- New visual configuration (old type 496 or new type 497)
- Improved steering
- Improved engine performance
- Update sounds
- New RDA system
- New real exhaust system
- Passenger script added
- IC animation changes
- The descriptions of the IC animation function have been corrected
- Visual improvement of the lights
- Changes to all reapers -> textures, attachment points and rotations
- Better optimization for multiplayer. Due to optimization and textures issues, the black version is no longer available.
- And a few others that I do not remember ...

*** You do not have to unpack! There are the Claas Orbis 900, the Orbis 600, the Claas Pick Up 300 and the Claas Direct Disc 520 ***
*** No Log Errors! Error free! ***

Please do not make any changes in this version!
Please keep only my download link!

xXMalleXx, Marthu
PickUp Modell: MB3D

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