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Claas Lexion 600 Beast Full Pack v2.0
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Claas Lexion 600 Beast Full Pack v2.0

Hello everyone! The harvest is beginning and that is why I would like to introduce you to my new mod – the Claas Lexion 600 combine.
I think everyone knows this model. Currently there is no good lexion 600 for farming simulator 2017. Based on the quite old model by Sotillo, I decided to refresh it in every aspect. Now it looks good visually, which is also important for me. It has all the necessary functions, configurations tire design and all Vario headers 900/1050/1200. You can test it yourself, have a nice game!

Most important functions:
– Texture reconstruction
– Corrected model details
– IC Animation
– Animated Steering column, grain tank, engine flaps and cabin Door (also from outside)
– Multiple Tire Configuration (Michelin, Trelleborg, TerraTrac)
– Numbers Position (from 0 to 8)
– Agravis Logo Configuration
– Real Exhaust Particle
– Joystick Animation
– Passenger Script
– Indoor huds
– Real lights system
– New camera positions
– Dirt textures change
– New Attacher Rotation
– Good optymalization for multiplayer
– No log errors!

Inside Pack you will find:
* Claas Lexion 600 Full Edition
* Claas Conspeed 8
* Claas Vario 900
* Claas Vario 1050
* Claas Vario 1200

Please do not edit this version!
Please keep only my download link!

Marthu1990, Sotillo, T0bi69

  • Maximus
    2018-07-02 11:27
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    salut jolie très jolie moi j' adore cette marque dommage on ne les aura pas en officielle pour fs19 heureusement nous auront les modeurs pour nous convertir ceux de fs17
  • Oh yeah
    2018-07-11 02:22
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    Oh? You don't think they'll want a piece of JD after the game was pretty much built on Claas mods for a long time? lool
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