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Claas Lexion 780 TT Stage IV 2017 v1.0 Beta
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Claas Lexion 780 TT Stage IV 2017 v1.0 Beta

Claas Lexion 780TT Stage IV 2017 is the leader of harvesters from CLAAS KGaA mbH. Main dominants are new grain tank, new GPS system and new 7XL pipe ready for CTF system. Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA engine with 626hp.
You can use Vario 1200 or Vario 1350.

780TT "Scratches"


Green or black narrow tracks
Green or black wide tracks
No flags, Czech or German flags on back or on back and top of harvester.

Animmated parts
Work lights and cab lights
Indoor hud

That mod is only available on Modhoster.de and on the official facebook page Czech Modding LS!
All modifications are prohibited!
Changing the download link is forbidden!
All copyrights are owned by Czech Modding LS.

Model: Vasilisvasilis31, LexikCZ - Czech Modding LS, DZ Modding CZ
Texture: LexikCZ - Czech Modding LS
Script: LexikCZ - Czech Modding LS, Ls Jira Cz
Idea / Concept: LexikCZ
Testing: Czech Modding LS, STR Modding, Mitti88

  • Nielsen
    2017-02-05 13:47
    Great work Czech Modding LS . Thanks guys
  • Alex
    2017-02-07 14:09
    This mod is a rip off of the original modders work and should not have been published as permission was not granted from the original modder. It is people like you who copy and publish others work that is screwing up the modding community
  • Jake32
    2017-02-07 18:07
    Czech Modding LS excellent work on the lexion best by far for fs17 cant fault it.
  • B90


    2017-02-07 23:43
    Its a good mod however the pipe effect doesn't work correctly and it doesn't work well with the in-game headers.
  • Bill
    2017-02-09 15:24
    The mod works great, headers works well, if one can edit or know a little about how too you can change the graintank amout too suit your needs dont shout about it on here as its the first decent claas lexion so far
  • Mad


    2017-02-11 02:07
    @ Bill. Question for you Bill, how do you edit a MOD? I've never modified or made any MODs before. Help would be appreciated.
  • Me


    2017-02-13 15:05
    go to mod folder and open lexion folder. find and open xml file for lexion 780. find capacity and make it what you wish. i suggest using notepad++ if u dont have notepad++ its a free download and makes it much easier
  • Mad


    2017-02-14 00:46
    ^^^^^ME I have tried to look at every part of the file that I could and I can't find the XML file for the Lexion 780. I can't find anywhere to change the capacity
  • Certified shredder of xml
    2017-04-26 09:22
    Try looking in the mod description file in the zip file. you should see one that says mod description then drag it to the desktop and then edit it using notepad++ it will be hidden in the xml file but will be in bold print it should say capacity
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