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Claas Scorpion 7055 v1.2.0.0 MR
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Claas Scorpion 7055 v1.2.0.0 MR

New Rims colorable
New Specular
New Parts (Motor Filter and Grill transparency)
MR ready
Improve some textures and size zip of mod and new store pic

XXMalleXX/Fred Modding, STv-Modding, Farmer Armer, ČebuljČek modding

  • Hey jack
    2018-07-03 18:06
    where can i find that trailer?
  • Goader
    2018-07-04 01:13
    where did that spike come from ? cheers
  • J4_em
    2018-07-09 20:19
    @HEY JACK A little searching but it was not so hard. Catch http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/randazzo-platform-version-pa-97p-1002/ Regards :)
  • Hey jack
    2018-07-10 02:23
    J4_EM Thanks for some reason i looked everywhere and my dumb ass could not find it lol Thank you so much
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