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Claas Xerion 4500/5000 (2009-2013) v2.0 Final
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Claas Xerion 4500/5000 (2009-2013) v2.0 Final

Good Morning. What do you think about the older Xerion model? You can now download and test.

This version 2.0 Final contains all updates of my Xerion 3 Generation V5.0

It is a full option:
-> New rim inside edge (Inside IC) (Corrected!)
-> Removes bad script! There should be no problems with the call stack.
-> Open the left-hand door (to the outside)
-> New tire pressure system. Now there are two versions to choose from (Inside IC)
-> New front hydraulic cylinders
-> Front hydraulics now we must buy
-> Fixed front attacher for trailer
-> Extra control units from Horsch, Amazone and Krone (within IC)
-> Passenger V3 Script
-> New store image
-> Improvement of wheels, double wheels and warning signs
-> New and improved hood scale
-> Improved textures and visual changes

Thanks for the download and support for my Xerion!
It is NOT permitted to spread this mod under a different download link.

Xerion 3300/3800 is ready for a week to download!

Please read the description!

* This Xerion was created on my Xerion 3 generation.
* Each element passed through my studio modeling. So it should be no problem.
* Maybe not everyone likes it because it is not so nice, but there are no mistakes!

Changes and novelty
* Hood had to be exactly split
* Keep in mind that the ground is another!
* Hood and floors in addition to the correct model got new textures with Specular
* New steering wheel for this model
* In the end it added a new rear suspension
* Attached to open the door from the outside
* Fixed errors in the LOG of Xerion V4
* Manages three colors (black, white, red) and the rest of the rich features of Xerion V4 (Many key IC)

Technical specifications
* Older larger Xerion 4500 and 5000 were produced in the period from 2009 to 2013
* Used 6-cylinder Caterpillar C13 engines with power 449 hp and 487 hp
* In the game we have the engine on the chip for Xerion 5000 with 560 hp
* TRAC VC - is when Trac VC cabin also centered on the frame, but can be rotated 180 °.

That's ban on processing these Xerion and insert modules on the side with another link!
****** ExtremeBB Mods Factory ****

Modell/Textur/Script: Mr Fox, Marthu, Avirum3D, Timber131, TT-Modding, ExtremeBB
Innerhalb: CMT, ExtremeBB
Sounds: DerFreddy_7

  • Lboyette
    2017-06-13 21:59
    Are you guys working on a Xerion ST? 4000/4500/5000 ST ?
  • @lboyette
    2017-06-13 23:07
    I hope they're not, we've seen enough of their horrible crap already
  • Faelandaea
    2017-06-14 19:18
    Don't listen to the hate. He's just jealous because these are far better than he's uploaded so far. Bring on the ST :)
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