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Classic 2 Row Planter v1.0.0.0
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Classic 2 Row Planter v1.0.0.0

This is a retro version of the common two row planter. This Lizard Brand sowing machine can sow Sunflower, Soybean, Corn, Sugar Beet.

I made this to go with the Classic Farming package, which has a corn forage harvester but no way to plant corn.


  • Ford fan 69
    2018-09-13 00:48 Send message
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    why not have this planter plant wheat/barley & grass I know a planter like this isn't meant for these 3 crops in real life but in FS it would just make this classic more useful
  • Adawdwadwadawdawdawdwdwa
    2018-09-13 03:07 Send message
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    works great now if only you could hire the classic equipment pack
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