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Clover Creek v1.0
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Clover Creek v1.0

Welcome to Clover Creek, where farm land is expensive and hard to come by.
You will need to carefully plan to be successful.
This map has chopped straw installed and also has field missions on 6 fields to help you earn money.
It has all the default crops and animals installed.
Big thanks to CWJ for giving permission to release this amazing map.
Each farm has it own crop storage bins, you will need augers to fill the bins up. (They are included in the main zip archive.)
The bin with the unloading auger has the fill trigger on it, so fill up your silos there.
At the CPS you can buy seed, solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, liquid manure, and solid manure.
You can also sell liquid and solid manure there.
The white lines on the PDA define the farm boundaries. (Helpful when you want to purchase the farm.)
We hope you enjoy this map.
The Steenkamp Modding team.
Please place the individual files in your mods folder and not the main download file.

Model: CWJ / Steenkamp Modding
Texture: CWJ / Steenkamp Modding
Script: CWJ / Steenkamp Modding
Idea / Concept: CWJ / Steenkamp Modding
Testing: CWJ/ Steenkamp Modding
Other: CWJ/ Steenkamp Modding

  • Jeff hansen (oregon)
    2017-10-15 00:34
    What a boring map, but thanks for sharing
  • Cwj


    2017-10-15 04:27
    Your welcome
  • Dominic
    2017-10-15 04:52
  • Chuck77
    2017-10-15 05:02
    @DOMINIC ARE YOU !!!!!! A M E R I C A N !!!!!!
  • Dominic
    2017-10-15 16:43
    yesi was talking about the map
  • Dom dom
    2017-10-15 16:56
  • @dom dom
    2017-10-15 17:38
    How to unzip a map 101:1. open the zip2. drag the file "FS17_CloverCreek.zip" into mods folder3. Same with other mods in folder-Notice, all other mods in this zip folder are optional, but recommended.-This map now runs much smoother for people with weaker computers.~Map maker and friend of the person who converted this.
  • Ag hauler
    2017-10-15 22:04
    Not a bad American map. It is great for medium to larger equipment. It just needs a place to purchase the animals and maybe a flat spot or two for placeables. Maybe made Season's Ready. I love the farm set ups and the ability to purchase separate farms instead of fields. Overall nice map.
  • Swampfox 10
    2017-10-16 00:24
    Nice map, but seems to have a glitch in it. If you save a game and quit, the next time you start you get 5 more million dollars. Works every time.Also, how do you turn on the augers?
  • Joe


    2017-10-16 02:49
    Seems like a pretty good map so far. Just needs a BGA and mud in my opinion. I really like the farms and how they are set up to purchase.
  • Jaco
    2017-10-16 20:50
    Nice map, but seems to have a glitch in it. If you save a game and quit, the next time you start you get 5 more million dollars.
  • Ereedks
    2017-10-16 23:39
    @AG Hauler, you buy animals at the animal dealer building. It's marked on the map with the animal dealer icon, near the west edge of the map.
  • Chuckgnades
    2017-10-17 00:42
    does anyone know how to fix that money glitch? I want to get that fixed before I start this map. I do think it looks fun but I don't want 5 million more dollars everytime I start.
  • Chuckgnades
    2017-10-17 03:16
    hey, if you want to fix the 5 million glitch. you have to unzip the map file. open the modmap lua file with notepad++, find addsharemoney and set it to 0. save it, zip it back up and put back in mods folder
  • Dildo
    2017-10-17 09:51
    won't run on (crack version from internet)
  • Jimmyblues
    2017-10-17 10:19
    I'm american and it's a decent map but it does get boring. It is laggy in some areas and some small textures are either upside down or just missing.
  • 'murica
    2017-10-17 21:06
    Only an american would think this map is decent. It's like everything else produced in america: GARBAGE. It's a no wonder americans import cheap chinese products, they're higher quality than american built.
  • Fs17farmer40
    2017-10-18 04:08
    great map to play on but only flaw I run into with it is the doors wont close once you oprn them so not sure whats up with that but other then that no complaints..
  • Fs17farmer40
    2017-10-18 04:09
  • Rakkasans
    2017-10-20 16:44
    @'murica, the reason that we import Chinese stuff is to spread our wealth to others. Apparently you come from very successful country that doesn't buy in foreign goods. You may want to check on that. Oh, and another thing, leave politics off this page, this is for gaming questions only.
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