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Clover Creek v2.0
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Clover Creek v2.0

Welcome to Clover Creek, where farm land is expensive and hard to come by.

Version 2
Added BGA.
Made seasons ready.
Made Harvestore silos function.

You will need to carefully plan to be successful.
This map has chopped straw installed and also has field missions on 6 fields to help you earn money.
It has all the default crops and animals installed.
Big thanks to CWJ for giving permission to release this amazing map.
Each farm has it own crop storage bins, you will need augers to fill the bins up. (They are included in the main zip archive.)
The bin with the unloading auger has the fill trigger on it, so fill up your silos there.
At the CPS you can buy seed, solid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, liquid manure, and solid manure.
You can also sell liquid and solid manure there.
The white lines on the PDA define the farm boundaries. (Helpful when you want to purchase the farm.)
We hope you enjoy this map.
The Steenkamp Modding team.
Please place the individual files in your mods folder and not the main download file.

Model: CWJ / Steenkamp Modding
Texture: CWJ / Steenkamp Modding
Script: CWJ / Steenkamp Modding
Idea / Concept: CWJ / Steenkamp Modding
Testing: CWJ/ Steenkamp Modding
Other: CWJ/ Steenkamp Modding

  • Swampfox10
    2017-10-22 11:35
    You still have the money problem. Quit game, start game, you have 5 more million dollars. Keeps adding up each time you quit and restart.
  • Ag hauler
    2017-10-22 14:51
    I haven't tried this but I read in their description on their facebook page that if you add the bank of Hagenstadt to your mods this problem goes away.
  • Guest
    2017-10-22 22:27
    you have to edit the modmap.lua file in notepad. there is a line that says other 5,000,000 change that to 0 and you will no longer have money coming in like that.but why waste your time on this piece of shit map in the first place. it's garbage compared to what it was in 15.
  • Ag hauler
    2017-10-24 02:52
    I have tried the Bank of Hagenstadt mod from Giants ModHub and it DOES stop the adding of the 5,000,000 every time that you start the game. It is a pretty decent map for someone wanting a variety of farming style to choose from. You start out with no land and only the Lizard pick up but have 5 million to buy a farm and equipment. This is a good smooth running standard size map with the feel of a 4X map. I'm actually pretty impressed with it.
  • Jt


    2017-10-24 03:47
    so i have a question i down loaded this map unzipped all the files and put them in my mods folder when i start the game the map dose not show up to play it at all now the other mods that come with this map do but why wont the map show up
  • Jp


    2017-11-01 03:13
    i like the look of this map. can it be converted to play on counsel also?
  • Kees
    2017-11-03 16:19
    I like this map! Fields are scanned in parts by courseplay and its hard to find the field buy triggers but no problems mate!
  • Animals?
    2017-11-06 06:00
    Where do you unload animals at the farms? No triggers?
  • Bemster
    2017-11-14 01:16
    Game does not load - just tries and tries. left for over a hour. Anybody else have the problem?Bemster
  • Donnie
    2018-07-24 23:46
    needs traffic water through addon
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