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Collinson - County Silo Drive - Under Range v1.0
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Collinson - County Silo Drive - Under Range v1.0

Here is a small Collinson silo, UK manufactured, that I've modelled for a new map I'm working on. Relatively low poly-count (5000 tris). It can be imported to your map in GE without further edits if you only use 1. If more than one are placed, increment the save ID number in silo trigger attributes. This is not a placeable.

Some specs:
Capacity up to 32 tonnes (54.3 cubic metres).
Clearance height 4m.
Clearance width 3.6m

6 colours available (from manufacturer specs):
Juniper Green, Olive Green, Moorland Green, Merlin Grey, Slate Blue, Vandyke Brown.

Credits: Model & texture - myself.
Giants Software
Collinson (design)

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