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Combine AddOn v1.0.4.0
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Combine AddOn v1.0.4.0

Change-log v1.0.4:
- fix overloading with Courseplay
- add overloading-mode (automatic/manual) (Key Alt+End)

Additional features and displays for harvesters:
- Hectare counter
There is a total hectare counter and a session hectare counter which can be set to zero. The help window will display the threshing performance in hectares per hour (ha / h).

-Manual overloading
To start or stop the overloading process from the thresher/rootharvester/augerwagon you have to push a button. ATTENTION: If you miss the trailer, your crop will fall on the ground!
Switch to automatic overload mode (key Alt+End) if you want to disable manual overloading.

-Automatic reel setting
When lifting and lowering the cutting unit, the reel is automatically moved downwards or upwards.

-Fill level warnings
At a level of 80% of the grain tank or bunker volume, the beacon lights are turned on and a beep is played. The beep is replayed at a fill level of 99%.

Change-log v1.0.2:
- fix "unloading here" issue
- fix overloading in Farm-Silo
- fix overloading in Kuhn DISCOLANDER XM 52
- fix exclamation point in help window in MP
- fix fill level warnings at forage harvesters with trailers
Change-log v1.0.3:
- fix beacon lights at forage harvesters with no trailers


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