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Combine Krone Big X 650 Cargo Pack
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Combine Krone Big X 650 Cargo Pack

Combine Krone Big X 650 Cargo Pack for Farming Simulator 2017

Features And Functions:
-Interactive Control
-Opening doors, windows
-Full washable
-3 headers
-Cutter trailer
-Dual Wheels
-Full lighting
-Speedometer and tachometer
-Dust, tire tracks
-Working Particle System
-And a lot more

Kyosho’s factory, Bullgore, Mefluss, Mythos

  • Nobodyspecial
    2017-04-06 15:29
    This mod is nowhere near ready to upload to the community. It doesn't even show up in the shop, not to mention a host of other errors. Don't wast your time downloading this...
  • Bonkie
    2017-04-06 16:03
    he does not see himself in the shop
  • Dizzle
    2017-04-06 22:15
    Doesn't show up in shop.. please fix.
  • Killabot
    2017-04-06 22:57
    Complaining here doesn't do anything as the original mod author is not here. Thomas is just a thief who reuploads everything he finds without permission or respect to the mod authors
  • Miki48
    2017-04-07 12:22
    this is a fake mods
  • Michael
    2017-04-07 17:52
    Faking shit mod gth with it
  • Killabot eats cock
    2017-04-08 07:35
    killabot is a cock thirsty faggot. nobody gives a shit if the mod got uploaded here or anywhere. if you give a shit, keep the shitty mod to yourself and dont release it, it wont be missed. this is the internet, if you want to whine, noboby is fuckin listening and nobody fuckin cares. loser
  • "FIRST RULE IN MODDING SCENE: ASK ORIGINAL AUTHOR AND USE ORIGINAL LINKS"--No.This first rule in modding scene is, you don't talk about modding scene.
  • Killabot...
    2017-04-11 00:37
    Calm down. You're losing your shit over a farming game lmfao
  • Eagle355th
    2017-04-18 08:56
    I can not get it to show up in store. Thanks anyway Have a nice day!
  • Faelandaea
    2017-05-04 08:11
    It took a few hours but managed to clear all the errors and get it to show in the shop.Thanks.
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