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Compost stock v1.0
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Compost stock v1.0

Compost stock "capacity 2.000,000"
Fabrikscript Author: kevink98 / Marhu

Modell: MoriceSpencer/Gians/unbekannt
Script: kevink98/Marhu
Idee / Konzept: MoriceSpencer
Tester: MoriceSpencer

  • Ohio beezer
    2017-05-15 15:31
    I curious... is this placeable? is it a mini composter or just storage?
  • Dennis
    2017-05-15 18:44
    this compost lager does not unload into trailer after you have unloaded compost into it any info on this?
  • Dennis
    2017-05-15 18:47
    ohio beezer it is used for storage i tried it but cant get it to unload after into trailer or truck
  • Crapmod revenge
    2017-05-29 21:22
    Doesn't work. Put in mod folder, run game, mod is not available and does not appear under placeables in the store. Completely useless. Thomas you used to make good stuff. Why do you suck so bad now?
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