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Compound fodder plant v2.1
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Compound fodder plant v2.1

Compound feed system version 2.0 and 2.1
This mixed feed trough was rebuilt by a template of "Marhu" from the LWS 2013.
The capacity is 150000 L. The mod can be placed and it is available in two versions.
The version 2.1 has a floor plate with side driveways and needs
An area of ??about 22X27 meters. The version 2.0 does not have a bottom plate and needs one
Area of ??approximately 20X14 meters. If you have little space on its map, this should be for the V2.0 version
(See pictures). It is recommended to place the compound feed on a flat surface.
Please note: The alternative download is version V2.0 !!
Straw, grass and silage must be tipped off at the designated suction hoppers. Is generated
(Also known as a compound feed) which serves as an additional food for animals.
It is allowed the modders to use this mod with the GE without restriction for the map creation.
Have fun .... Harrybo

Modell: Harrybo
Textur: Harrybo
Script: Marhu
Idee / Konzept: Marhu
Tester: Harrybo
Modelling: Harrybo (mit Maya 2011)

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