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Concentrated feed production v1.0
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Concentrated feed production v1.0

 hereby present you my concentrate production available!
This is a building for fodder production for installation with GE
This object is enabled for installation in each map
needed grass straw silage
I wish you much fun with it and would be happy if I more often see the object in the future in Maps.
There will be no building Placeable

KevinK98 / MarhuLS17 FabrikScript.lua
The mod may only be published with orginalem download link on other sites!

Script: KevinK98/MarhuLS17 FabrikScript.lua

  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-04 20:54
    Thanks :) Not too bad when I made myself a placeable version, so will be using this on a couple of my maps :) Again, thanks :)
  • Przndoc
    2016-12-04 23:24
    Let's hope this outstanding mod will be converted to a placeable, soon!!!!!
  • Anthony
    2016-12-05 01:57
    Hope some changes the building to something more modern. Looks horrible. I'll keep mixing by hand.
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