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Concrete pump v1.0.0
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Concrete pump v1.0.0

Scania Concrete pump for Farming simulator 2017
mod converted from FS 15 there are still things to convert if I could add some here I leave the mod
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Brand: Scania
Category: Misc
Author: Fms


  • Just me
    2018-03-29 12:35 Send message
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    The mod is very incomplete. Don´t have any function, and need to much work to transform on a usefull mod. Need 3d work, new textures, many new code lines. If you don´t want transform this mod or don´t know do this things, this mod don´t have any interest for you.
  • Gordy
    2018-03-29 12:59 Send message
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    heu ben il n' ai pas fonctionnel peut rien faire avec, dommage
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