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Container 20ft + 40ft v0.1
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Container 20ft + 40ft v0.1

Container 20ft + 40ft
A 20ft and a 40ft bulk container
A 20ft and a 40ft container for pallet loading (tension belts installed)
A 20ft container as office usable
A tarp container is installed at the tensioning straps

Mfg EastSide
The Mod may not be anywhere else without my approval
Mod ne peut nulle part être mis sans mon approbation
Autrement le DL.
/ Mod Mod
Approval differently DL.

EastSide / TSL

  • Hsayar
    2017-03-29 07:22 Send message
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    Add to 10 ft. contanier (bulk, door, liquid) please.
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