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Container Autoload v0.1
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Container Autoload v0.1

Then you get today my 40ft, 20ft and my plane container with Autoload installed.
Load with AutoLoad rectangular and round bales and pallets.
Suitable for the packs.
The Mod may not be anywhere else without my approval DL.
Mod ne peut nulle part être mis sans mon approbation
Autrement le DL.
/ Mod Mod
Approval differently DL.
Mfg EastSide

EastSide / TSL

  • Ian


    2017-04-10 00:13 Send message
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    great idea. what do I pick them up with? ive tried all the attachments I have. any help from anyone will be good
  • Mikhail
    2017-04-10 14:31 Send message
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    Hello dear where to download for personal use this loader or how much this mod.
  • Truckertom
    2017-04-15 17:54 Send message
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    I Really Want That Container Loader Do You Have A Link To It?
  • Sheepy
    2017-07-04 13:58 Send message
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    Does anyone have the link for that telescopic loader? I have looked everywhere and still can't find it.
  • D


    2018-01-26 22:55 Send message
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