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Convert mods from fs15 to fs17
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Convert mods from fs15 to fs17

EN: We're all following subject about Farming Simulator 17. Everyday we're getting new informations and speculations connected with game. This time, converting mods from FS15 to FS17 will be much more easier than now. What is more, AGCO group leaders will visit FarmCon in Germany this July. This meeting will be connected with subject of new innovations in modern farming and also with Precision Agriculture systems which for example allows you connecting and managing all your machines on farm. Are we supposed to wait for a new farm managing system in FS17?
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What are your opinions about new edition of this game?

PL: Wszyscy żyjemy tematem Farming Simulator 17. Cały czas pojawiają się nowe informacje i spekulacje dotyczące nowości w grze. Z informacji które uzyskałem, konwertowanie modyfikacji z FS15 do FS17 może być o wiele prostsze niż dotąd. Dodatkowo, na konferencji FarmCon, która odbędzie się w czerwcu tego roku w Niemczech, znajdą się również przedstawiciele AGCO. Spotkanie będzie dotyczyło nowoczesnych rozwiązań we współczesnym rolnictwie a także o systemie Rolnictwa Precyzyjnego umożliwiającym m. in. komunikację między maszynami i zdalnym ich zarządzaniem. Czy to znak, że w FS17 czeka nas całkiem nowy tryb pracy na farmie?
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Jakie jest wasze zdanie na temat nowej odsłony gry?


  • Guest
    2016-05-14 14:40
    you people are nuts. what you fail to realize is if it becomes so easy to convert mods then that means very little has changed from the 15 version to the 17 version. if that little has changed why even buy 17? for me and a lot of others people like Joe Lindberg and his asshat buddies have made FS a lost cause.
  • Guest
    2016-06-01 13:16
    why dont yall try american ag farm equiptment this time instead of, european equiptment like add every peace of american farm equiptment like john deere,and kmc and add cotton and peanuts as a crop. because the people that try to make american stuff in fs15 have failed and i think it will be a little more exciting to see newer farm equiptment i would really like to see some of the stuff i mentioned in this version.
  • Blane
    2016-06-12 19:09
    giants haves case new Holland dewts farhae other tractor brands but are they forgetting john Deere
  • Blane
    2016-06-12 19:16
    also they need silo mountains like in California central valley map that is American if your going to make a farm sim 17 make silo mountains not drive in drive out silo slots
  • Cristina
    2016-08-06 17:43
    Childish children grow up , i dont see any of you making a game for millions to enjoy, its amazing that it always seems to be American related citizens that do all the complaining about everything even all mods that get leaked or people STOLEN very sad and you all need to give yourselfs a shake and wake up . FEMALES BEHAVE BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU.
  • Dana/male
    2016-10-28 02:11
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