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Coolamon Chaser Bins 30T and 36T v1.0
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Coolamon Chaser Bins 30T and 36T v1.0

30T Chaser Bin
Capacity: 37.800 liters
Price: 48.500 €
Daily Maintenance: 300 €

30T Chaser Bin TT
Capacity: 37.800 liters
Price: 57.800 €
Daily Maintenance: 350 €

36T Chaser Bin
Capacity: 45.400 liters
Price: 56.200 €
Daily Maintenance: 300 €

36T Chaser Bin TT
Capacity: 45.400 liters
Price: 64.500 €
Daily Maintenance: 350 €

Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer Coolamon
Category Trailer
Author JavierZzS
Size 17.52 MB
Released 01.06.2017
Platform PC/MAC


  • Tyler minnesota
    2017-06-01 16:00
    This is just great work JavierZzS , you got skills.. Thanks
  • @javierzzs
    2017-06-01 19:31
    Uh, sorry bud, this is not a case of mod theft. Thomas did put proper credits. The whole community knows you / Big Boss Modding made the Coolamon set.
  • Hahahahaha
    2017-06-01 23:56
    Obviously you're the idiot for sharing mods to the internet. You share, you don't own, Giants and the whole world owns them now. besides that giving them a 1 star because we already have too many chaser bins,
  • Tyler minnesota
    2017-06-02 00:19
    Hey Mr. "HAHAHAHAA" , Its bcs people like you, that modders stop rls their work to the public, no wonder modders keeps their work privat...
  • Stupid little children
    2017-06-05 06:05
    What most of you don't realize is Thomas steals these off of other mod sites and facebook pages to upload here, to bring in more click baits for you stupid little children. Then he uploads them with names of people he sees in facebook feeds of users slamming each other. He loves to stir up hate and bullying as do the other "moderators" on this site. Do yourself a favor, go to modland or somewhere else. stay off this site.
  • Lmao
    2017-06-06 00:34
    every time someone uploads a mod y'all cry over it saying he stole my mod i own that mod im calling my lawyer.. your scare tactics does not bug anyone your just making your self look stupid on the site...did y'all not read the Giants Agreement before hitting the check box
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