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Corn silo filling machine Silo Changer v1.0
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Corn silo filling machine Silo Changer v1.0

My project fills the silos at the BGA and the cow shed with chaff again, if you have no time / desire to chop for hours.
I wrote a .bat file, which replaces the "terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm" in the respective game by my with full corn silos.


  • Unknown
    2017-05-24 18:10
    wont run on my computer fix it
  • It guy
    2017-05-24 21:11
    Why in the world would anyone download a random person's random batch file?! This is the easiest way to put a virus into a Windows computer!
  • Susan
    2017-05-24 22:34
    most people would read it through , watch the videos, get to know how it works and try it on a test map first before entering it into your save-game you have working on.So at the end of the day its not the guys fault for doing so as it works for him and many others its though who cant read and follow instructions who suffer as myself downloaded it after viewing the videos and all works flawlessly
  • Susan
    2017-05-24 22:36
    also states its for goldcrest only for those who have a brain
  • Dave
    2017-05-24 22:39
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dfrnnpdd4lfak2/terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm?dl=0the file you do need not the above
  • Dave
    2017-05-24 22:42
    susans right if you follow original video you come to the dropbox link, those who didnt had a bad expereince
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