Farming simulator 2019 mods
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This is the standard augerwagon but functions as Cornmill.
It will convert MAIZE to CCMRAW in a factor (1 maize to 1.2 ccmraw) to simulate the additional cob in the mix.
in this version the mill function was written as an own specilization. You can use entrys in the vehicle XML to set output and rate.


  • Zzzzzz
    2017-02-03 00:17
    nice mod idea but what do you do with it, sell the product it mills at sell points or use it for feed?
  • Hhh


    2017-02-03 02:29
    you can sell it or feed it to your animals
  • Wcall
    2017-02-03 16:02
    auger off into tipper, tip into a silo (need CCM mod and need to change silo type in upper left command menu), ferment it like silage, then take out when finished. Can't sell or use the raw CCM, so must ferment first, then feed to pigs or sell
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