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CoursePlay v5.02.00001 BETA
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CoursePlay v5.02.00001 BETA

Current version: CoursePlay V 5.02.00001 BETA.
Version Features:
- You can choose the number of flights from the base to the point of sale;
- After the specified number of flights, he gets up at the end point and informs about it;
- Also, while the tractor is waiting for the filling of the combine harvester, it jams the engine;
- Fixed minor bugs;
- So far proved to be stable (test on the version of the game 1.4.4).

Courseplay Dev Team

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    2017-10-12 04:28 Send message
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    Newest version is already V5.02.00002 and no beta.......You can grab it here: https://github.com/Courseplay/courseplay
  • Pol


    2017-10-12 09:49 Send message
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    How do you open courseplay.And how do you download at github.
  • Faelandaea
    2017-10-13 07:13 Send message
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    That's explained in the documentation.
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