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Cow Forage Mixer G2-456 v1.0
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Cow Forage Mixer G2-456 v1.0

Today I introduce to you my new compound feeding station "Cow Forage Mixer G2-456".
As with any feed mixing plant, straw, grass and silage (including bales) will quickly become ready-mixed food.

Production per hour: 20000L
Straw Bunker: 100000L
Silage bunker: 100000L
Grassbunker: 100000L
Blending hopper: 100000L
Cost: 195000 €
Maintenance per day: 55 €

Objekt/Texturen: Kastor,Giants Script: KevinK98/ModCompany

  • Confucius
    2018-02-04 17:39
    300000L of input only makes 100000L of forage? Must be a lot on the ground. :)
  • Silviu1993
    2018-02-04 21:50
    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQZxsgez83A
  • Dbc


    2018-02-05 03:50
    could you make to where it will load into a mixer wagon
  • Idrvfast
    2018-02-05 18:11
    Mine is putting out Silage, not Forage/TMR.
  • Justin
    2018-02-06 16:28
    Hey Thomas, can we actually get a fix on this? Or will it be like the Irrigation Drums you uploaded where they only half work? A modder who actually follows through and makes a decent mod would be nice for a change.
  • Mads madsen
    2018-02-06 21:27
    no fix needed, it works just fine, you fill it with a shovel and not a trailer, also I get forage, works fine just fine
  • @ mads madsen
    2018-02-07 20:42
    (this is Justin) I will have to try with a shovel when i have some free time. Thanks.
  • @pete hanson
    2018-02-08 21:03
    Vulgarity over a FS post? You need to go back to your trailer and have another Schlitz while watching "professional" wrestling, lol.
  • Mads madsen
    2018-02-09 05:56
    Glad to help JUSTIN.
  • Bullshit!
    2018-02-14 02:14
    Well I tried this with a shovel, tried putting the stuff in in different orders. Still does not work. Turns into silage. Total waste of time. Fix your mod before you publish to the public. Don't you have any pride? Putting your name on a broken mod?
  • Joe


    2018-02-14 23:42
    Needs to be fixed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1qkpEWWD2QA guy found this: opened it in GE and in the outputTrigger - SiloTrigger the FillType is actually silage. If you change it to "forage" should work.EDIT: Indeed it works. If you are already there, you can also change the fill speed, if 250 liters per second is too slow.
  • Baron
    2018-02-16 00:20
    Thanx JOE!... I got it to work!!To make it more clear!1 : Open Cow_Forage_Mixer.i3d in GE2 : In Scenegraph ... Choose - Mischfutter / OutputTrigger / SiloTrigger3 : Activate User Atributes from Window menu4: Change fillType from "silage" to "forage"5: Save file and replace the new Cow_Forage_Mixer.i3d file into the zip file and you are good to go!
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