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CSI Oriskany v1.0
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CSI Oriskany v1.0

This map is Sudharz..i Edited to MY liking and added more stuff to the map. moved sell triggers and made a new farm area.
Drive around and you'll find flat area's to drop placables.
Have fun.

Giant's Software.
Sheldon - Map creator
CSI Ryuk48 - ME Map editor

  • Csi48
    2018-06-14 23:56
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    Umm yeah , if you read , it says top line , THIS IS SUDHARZ....it's an EDIT.. not stolen. Do you know what an EDIT is ? Do you know how to read ? hmmmmm???? ALL CREDIT WAS GIVEN TO The map's creator. this only was released because my FB Group wanted it. i wasn't even going to release it. Anyway , download it , it's WAAAY Better then Sheldon's version anyway.
  • Faelandaea
    2018-06-15 23:33
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    Credit or no, the screenshots of the 50,000 errors this map throws says plenty for me. Going to ave to pass on this one and all future versions.
  • Csi48
    2018-06-16 02:54
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    map works great. i have never had a crash...error's or not it works perfect
  • Csi48
    2018-06-16 02:56
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    To be honest , i really don't give a shit if people use this or not. it was never ment for the public anyway. Admin can take it down and i won't lose sleep on it.
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