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CSI Sosnovka ( Map Edit ) v1
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CSI Sosnovka ( Map Edit ) v1

This here is just my edit of this map , i moved the animals to the main farm and got rid of alot of trees , and re-shaped the main farm.
Also there is plenty of flat space for any placeables you may want to drop.
Enjoy the map , i figure it's alot better now.  ( This is aimed at MultiPlayer servers )

CSI Mater48

  • Johnnyvee
    2016-11-26 13:16
    Nice map theft dude, couldn't make one yourself I guess
  • ^^idiot^^
    2016-11-27 03:35
    Its not map theft you fucking retard. Credits to Giants where given. Its a simple edit. People edit shit all the time.
  • Johnnyvee
    2016-11-27 07:02
    fuck you idiot
  • ^^dumbass^^
    2016-11-27 18:01
    Awwww you mad bro? lmfao
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