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Cutter 2020 Blackhammer v2.1.1
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Cutter 2020 Blackhammer v2.1.1

Hello LS community here is another mod of mine for my KroneBigX1100_Blackhammer the chopping cut here has a cutting width of 20Meter and can also process grain to chopped grains under another can also be cut quite normal the grass this grass is dan also grass and no chopped.
Free color selection as with my shredder
Speed ??to 35KMH
Price on 50000 euros
Cutting width 20Meter
Cutting unit can cut everything
This mod is from me Written and built and may not be changed the upload only with this original link
The CoBF Team wishes you a lot of fun with this mod
We have this mod ourselves with us on the server.

Idee / Konzept:Mal was ganz anderes und alles H├Ąckselbar nicht nur Mais und Das Gras kann normal geschnitten werden ohne das es zu H├Ąckselgut wird
Tester:wir Das CoBF Team

  • Silviu1993
    2017-06-30 09:24
    mod video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYUpSpwf2fs
  • Sturdy
    2017-06-30 09:52
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