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D6 land clearing dozer v1.0
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D6 land clearing dozer v1.0

This is a logging dozer with working winch and the blade can be used to cut trees down.
Power: 160
Maximum Speed: 10
Price: 52000
Dailyupkeep: 5
Brand: CAT
Category: wood
hope you enjoy this mod.

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  • James
    2018-12-11 05:22
    did anyone else get errors with this ?
  • Mrg


    2018-12-12 18:49
    what sim is this for? I really wished modhub had the option to separate which FS this is for!
  • Ford fan 69
    2018-12-13 00:29
    MRG this mod is under FS17 so its obviously for 17.
  • Pissed of moder !!!
    2018-12-30 16:34
    So glad to see that people steel mods and class them as there own!!!!!
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