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Dakota Grain Trailer v1.0
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Dakota Grain Trailer v1.0

This is a mod i converted from Farming simulator 2015, it will work with Farming simulator 2017, I do not own this mod. Please leave any errors you find in the comments so i can look into them! Thank You!

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  • Jaw818
    2017-01-08 02:23
    Capacity is about 53,000
  • 82kbody
    2017-01-08 14:32
    Awesome now i have a trailer behind my IH Transtar! thanks
  • Pdw8
    2017-01-11 04:43
    Having issues with this mod not letting me fill at silo as it doesn't seem to recognize the trailer is under the pipe
  • Jaw818
    2017-01-12 00:16
    PDW8, I've tested it and seem to be having the same issue, I'll see what i can do! Thank you!
  • Cam


    2017-01-17 23:17
    I love mods there great
  • Thawk09
    2017-03-22 15:01
    Note Collision mask must be 802102 For It To be fillable
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