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DB 8000 v1.0
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DB 8000 v1.0

This is the Db8000 !!! Partly Disigin changed! It can now accommodate 10,000 ltr!
I find this MetaltechDB8000 Total class !!! I Work like him !!!
Maybe having one or another loss this build as Ballcarts order would be happy!
This is MetaltechDB8000 of Giants !! I have made him a mod so you can carry on it more!
Have fun with it!
Log is error free !
My Games / FarmingSimulator2017 / mods / DB_8000 / db8000.i3d (196.11) ms
Everyone can do with it what he wants !! No permit required !!!

Modell: MetaltechDB8000
Textur: Farblich verändert
Idee / Konzept: Ich finde ihn gut !!! und für kleine bis mittlere betriebe gut zu gebrauchen!!!
Tester: ich

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