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M35A2 Semi v1.0
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M35A2 Semi v1.0

M35A2 Semi for Farming simulator 2017
Removed bed from deuce truck, and added hitch for semi trailers.
Script by fs15.ru, Customizer135, TechnicMods, Richwoodrocket aka Ben Kempa (added smoke and belts).


  • Guest
    2018-11-04 18:57 Send message
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    should have used wood meadow's as a donor, atleast then the driver would be in the cab.....
  • Wiskyfoxtrot21
    2018-11-07 01:52 Send message
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    love this truck but in the sound file it shows other sounds for the truck but when you dive it it sounds like a stock in game sound ( not complaining more or less curious as to why I don't hear some of the sounds in the file)
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