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Deutz AgroStar 661 black beauty V1.2
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Deutz AgroStar 661 black beauty V1.2

Here my first mod for ls17. the DeutzAgroStar661 black beauty

Version 1.2
Motor selectable from 160-1000ps

Here the power: ps:142 mph:25
hope he gefält you

Modell: giants
Textur: oldtimer_fan
Script: giants
Tester: oldtimer_fan

  • Tim121672
    2016-11-04 03:06
    ENOUGH WITH THE BLACK BEAUTY EDITIONS.....Its starting to get as bad as putting monster energy logos on everything. Almost all machines have a aniversery edition or a production color change that didn't work out, why not do something like that instead of jumping on the band wagon. For example did you know John Deere tried changing there colors? look it up and do a mod that means something not the same old thing everyone else is doing
  • Agreed
    2016-11-05 04:55
    Reskins and color changing isn't a "mod" its like if I were to plasti-dip my wheels and tell my friends they're custom and im killin the truck game..... hahaha shits lame.
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