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Deutz d 80 v1.6 completely new tire
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Deutz d 80 v1.6 completely new tire

Hi, here is a deutz d 80 konventiert from ls15.

Version 1.6 completely new tire
Completely new frosting inserted
Frontloading error fixed (polofreak211)
Rear axle rear entfrent (polofreak211)

Attention: unfortunately he is not friendly helper.Is in 1.1 helper friendly
I have new textures made (without scratches)
with blinker

Technical specifications:
75 PS
30 kmh
price: 20000 €
daily cost: 30 €

Mfg oldtimer_fan

Modell: Giants
Textur: Ginats/oldtimer_fan
Idee / Konzept: oldtimer_fan
Tester: oldtiemr_fan
Hilfe bei beheben von erros: JD7310R , themaiky1989, _ghost_
Verdeck: modelleicher , schlueterfan1977

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