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Deutz-Fahr Condimaster 8331 v1.0.0
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Deutz-Fahr Condimaster 8331 v1.0.0

Hello friends,
Today I want to make my repaint of the Vicon Fanex 604 available for download.
Since I find the Vicon hay tedder out of the game a bit unattractive, I re-textured it to a Deutz-Fahr Condimaster 8331. I have kept it for a long time but I think that everyone has the right to play with this hay tedder.

Here are some data:
Maintenance costs: 30 € / day
Power requirement: 60 hp
Working width: 6m
Working speed: 19km / h
Price: 11000 €

Further information:
Log is error free
Storebild is something to be improved
Good for small businesses

Have fun, your Oskar K. / Bayern_TV
PS: Please do not stone me, is my first repaint

Giants Textur: Oskar K. , Stefan Maurus Idee: Oskar K. Tester: Oskar K.

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