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Deutz-Fahr TTV 72xx Series Warrior v5.2 BETA
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Deutz-Fahr TTV 72xx Series Warrior v5.2 BETA

Deutz-Fahr TTV Series Warrior V5.2 Beta!

New Real Sounds
Light Shader
IC Control V4
iMonitor 2.0 Display Animated (soon more option and more)
IndoorSounds change state open/close -> doors/windows
Wipers animated
Fan animated and Motor Vibration animated
Different Design Types (Warn. Signal,AgroSky GPS,Number Plate)
3 Types Trelleborg Set Tires
Wheels all with wheelShader:
3 Types different brand Tires (Michelin AxioBib/Michelin MultiBib/GoodYear Optitrac)
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  • Jos


    2017-02-12 13:06
    Very nice mod, good job! Keep doing what you doing :)
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