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Dugunculu v1.0.0
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Dugunculu v1.0.0

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*Added Alpullu sugar factory to the map
*Fields and everything around is really the same
*Sales locations, the names of the shops around are the same
*The roads are hard and quite steep

Places in:
*Alpullu sugar factory

*Sinanli flour factory
*Bahçivan Milk and yoghurt sales center
*Kalender markets
*A large number of fields
*Big grass field
*In some places objects are ineffective
*A large forest area
*3 villages and all big
*Actual structure and paths
*Real points of sale and houses
*And many more places..
This Is A Real Map Of A Place
This Map Is My 3rd Map. Thanks To Everybody Who Supports It. :)

RedeX (Ataberk)

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