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Digestate Processor Placeable v1.0.0.2
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Digestate Processor Placeable v1.0.0.2

-Update missing French translations
-Fertilizer fillLitersPerSecond increased to 1500 (was 50, FabrikScript default)
Update translations, icons
This factory takes digestate and produces fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and fuel.
300K digestate produces 120K fertilizer, 120K liquid fertilizer and 60K fuel in 24 hours (5000 per hour).
Use universal kotte tanker trailers for optional supported hose connection
Fill fertilizer spreaders and sprayers directly
Silo trigger has motion sensing lighting at night, and a guide light for fill point
Cannot refuel vehicles directly. Fill tanker trailer and refuel from the tanker trailer.

Slivicon, kevink98, marhu, Dorset, Al-Modding

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