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DJI Phantom2 silence and lights v3.0
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DJI Phantom2 silence and lights v3.0

Added front light flashlight.
I made the noise during the flight. it was annoying
Model: Roman71
Texture: Roman71
Script:  Roman71
Idea / Concept: Roman71
Testing: Roman71
Other: Roman71


  • Zach
    2018-01-24 23:06 Send message
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    wtf even is this? you added a flashlight? to what, and made it silent during the flight?! the flight of what!? The picture shows a crane...... so wtf are you flying?!
  • Unknown
    2018-01-24 23:15 Send message
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    @zach I was just about to ask the same thing, maybe it a flying crane you know it would be the first for everything
  • Bad uploader
    2018-01-28 20:24 Send message
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    LOL, this should be WRITE a COMPLAINT, not Comment, Lack of experience toward uploader, it's a DRONE aka DJ Phantom. Stupid mod waste of time,
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