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DM&E Train Skin Addon v1.0
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DM&E Train Skin Addon v1.0

This is a DM&E (Dakota Minnesota and Eastern Railroad) skin pack I have made for the train in Farming Simulator 17. It includes a new locomotive, A GP-40 to be exact, with a DM&E skin based off of a real GP-40 locomotive, owned by the DM&E. Road number 4003 to be exact. Also included in this pack is a variety of new DM&E skins for all four of the default train cars. When using this pack on maps that do not have driveable trains like Sosnovka, the locomotive will spawn in backwards, to simulate that trains can travel either direction. If you don't know how to install new skins into your game, follow the tutorial video on this page how to do so. Simply put, extract the files from DME_Train_UNZIP, and copy and paste the folder labeled "Train" in your game files. Destination may vary, so watch the video on this page for further guidance on where to install the train folder.

BcBuhler - model and original textures
ccs101 - convert to i3d and configure for the game
Ross W. - New textures

  • Shadowr434
    2017-02-07 02:58
    Thank you
  • Jeremy
    2017-02-07 18:23
    i have a disk verison of the game and i dont see vehical this this what is see mods folder , music, pdlc, pending downloads , screen shots shader cacha so how do i find the vehcial folder
  • Sdear85
    2017-02-11 21:03
    im the same i got the download from the website i cant see where to do the train at
  • Csx68
    2017-02-16 01:57
  • Go blue
    2017-08-09 02:57
    go blue
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