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Dodge 1st Gen V1.0
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Dodge 1st Gen V1.0

1993 Dodge D250 for Farming simulator 17
Power: 320
Maximum Speed: 121
Price: 25000
DailyUpkeep: 100
Category: cars
Authors: McLain Modding / Silver Reel Modding

Chris Buck - KJ Modding, Adam Booooooland

  • Psmodding
    2017-12-28 16:20 Send message
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    Blake Mclain: Dude somebody is leaking your mods left and right
  • @posmodding
    2017-12-28 21:49 Send message
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    I agree, this mod leaking has to stop. I mean the mods being leaked are of the shittiest quality I've ever seen and the community doesn't need or want this garbage being leaked. For the love of all that is holy, please stop leaking these shitty mods from shitty modders!
  • Ford fan 69
    2017-12-29 00:24 Send message
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    the mod leaking will never end people have no respect for modders anymore & that's why the great quality mods are never released & kept private. this one works alright for me it can however do without the engine option as its way too fast (unrealistic) just keep the stock option engine but raise the top speed just a bit but not much. & different rim options im not fan of wagon wheels maybe some Ford Alcoa's on it heck yeah.
  • Akthesavage
    2017-12-29 07:56 Send message
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    I could not agree more. These shitty mods keep getting leaked and they are completely HORRID. Please stop leaking shit mods!
  • Same guy different profiles
    2017-12-29 23:10 Send message
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    The term leak bothers me . I hope that someone shared a mod that's a w.i.p. I thought that giants addressed the mod ownership being theirs not yours. If you OWN the software you wrote your mod on and choose not to share a mod but own it is what you think is happening. Who owns the giants editor. Modders don't. If your not comfortable sharing a mod go away you are selfish lower form of life.
  • Fs19
    2020-03-17 21:23
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    can u convert to fs19????
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