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Dodge cummins v1
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Dodge cummins v1

it is a good truck for hauling and i made it.


  • Duramax
    2017-08-04 08:19
    Didn't make it but ok...
  • Ash1223
    2017-08-04 20:15
    nice job claiming your "boyfriend" Malcolm's mods
  • Silver reel modding
    2017-08-06 07:22
    Nathan R Xanders Why are you stealing mods from North West when its nor yours there is a reason why you are not in so many facebook groups if you want in them then don't be doing shit like this cause it does not help the community you dumbass, even better how about you fucking leave the whole entire Farming Simulator community
  • Countrycamo_modding
    2017-08-06 07:37
    I'm sick and tired of this shit nathan stop stealing mods it is mine and north west not yours I recorded me building it so just fucking stop
  • Lol


    2017-08-07 20:04
    bunch of cry babies, boo hoo
  • Zzzzz
    2017-08-18 01:19
    i agree with SILVERADO_MODDING all the bickering lead to crappy mods released instead of the good ones, this is a good truck just has an inverted/upside down interior camera that needs fixed & im working on fixing it for my likings.
  • Magnum380
    2017-09-01 22:52
    ZZZZZ can u make a 2012 Ford f250 please and put it on this site:D
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