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Dodge cummins v1
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Dodge cummins v1

it is a good truck for hauling and i made it.


  • Duramax
    2017-08-04 08:19
    Didn't make it but ok...
  • Ash1223
    2017-08-04 20:15
    nice job claiming your "boyfriend" Malcolm's mods
  • Lol


    2017-08-07 20:04
    bunch of cry babies, boo hoo
  • Zzzzz
    2017-08-18 01:19
    i agree with SILVERADO_MODDING all the bickering lead to crappy mods released instead of the good ones, this is a good truck just has an inverted/upside down interior camera that needs fixed & im working on fixing it for my likings.
  • Magnum380
    2017-09-01 22:52
    ZZZZZ can u make a 2012 Ford f250 please and put it on this site:D
  • Cummins01
    2018-09-15 20:47
    You used a Dodge 1500 V8 body and though it on
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