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Dodge Mud Truck Lifted v1.0
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Dodge Mud Truck Lifted v1.0

I seen my mods was getting uploaded so I felt I should get in on this action too!! ;)


These trucks Have working suspension! this means that the  shocks move up and down. that axle moves with the wheels... The truck will bounce a little when landing it on all 4's.

​You can make the truck ride WHEELIES all you have to do is move the WEIGHT  block back look at the suspension to dump a little in the back. you use the moving tool just like when you slide the goldhofer.
​The mod CAME From www.Rambow145.com
The truck does have real sounds!
I made them my self!

​I will be uploading just about all of my mods here and to other sites! And if you don't see them on other sites please upload them to it just make sure you add where it came from thanks so much!


RJK,hicksboyz media,Mod James, Rims Josh99, tiresmrsteakpotato, Hitch Camino Kid,Rambow145 , Springs was made by Otto Dillie

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    a big shit...
  • Jake32
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    Great truck rambow145 as always
  • Fly high
    2020-03-26 22:45
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    man that is some big shit
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    How to get it
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