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Dodge WT v1.0
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Dodge WT v1.0

This is the first version srry for no screenshots
Price: 1200
Power: 320
Brand: Ford
Category: Cars
DailyUpkeep: 20


  • Ccustoms
    2017-09-24 22:12
    hey I got v2 commin im gonna fix the int
  • Gadevil
    2017-09-25 02:02
    knowing from the pictures that it's built on the Ford F550 as a base, it makes me question the quality. Does the brake lights, turn signals, or any of the lights on the bed work????
  • Konrad
    2018-04-15 03:21
    PLEASE MAKE THIS MOD FOR XBOX ONE!!! I would love this mod!!!!!
  • Jwdiesel
    2018-05-05 00:28
    that aint happening konrad
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