Farming simulator 2019 mods
Dodge D250 pickup PullingTruck v1
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Dodge D250 pickup PullingTruck v1

Rambow 145 made the truck all i did was put the tires and the rollcage

GIANTS Software Duramax_Nation modder, King Merk, FsFarmer11, Richwoodrocket(conversion to FS17), Rambow145 added black smoke for fs17 and fixed an error
RedNeckGaming Added tires and rollcage

  • Silviu1993
    2017-06-28 09:24
    mod video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW07y_FJ1lo
  • Psmodding
    2017-06-28 17:15
    Very nice edit!!
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