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Doll Panther loaders v1.0
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Doll Panther loaders v1.0

Hello dear friends LS
Today I place my Doll Panther to download.

The loader is equipped with many features,
among others, with:
Tarpaulin or hidden
Ramps up and down
ramps widening
broadening Klein
broadening United
extend loaders
The Doll was purchased by me Meistro, of Gallinger.
The model is assembled in a small team and
Ingame been brought.

Therefore, a thank you to Gallinger for the model,
and a big thank you to the people who helped me.

The model is a beta model, you can still
some from the model Rausholen but lacks the time.

So I put it as it is (Playable without error) to download.
I wish you much fun with this mod.
mfg your meistro

In distribution, please use the link of this page here, thank you. Small info yet: The animations are not saved, but we are already working on a solution.
and It fits no Claas Lexion plan but we work Dran.

Modell: Gallinger
Textur: Gallinger
Umbau: meistro
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept:Gallinger / meistro
Tester: Sven

  • Shawn
    2017-01-17 03:18
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    good idea. but caught up on all turns. back tires turn to much or dont counter fast enough. also couldnt get the big NH combine onto it. ramps didnt go out far enough. otherwise, hands down best trailer mod out there. been waiting since day 1 for a trailer that holds and locks down the load. please consider adjustments, this thing is def needed!!!!
  • Peter holvoet
    2017-01-17 22:10
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    how do you do the ramps down
  • Dan


    2017-01-18 05:12
    0 0
    I couldnt get the ramp down either
  • Kyfarmer
    2017-01-18 21:53
    0 0
    @shawn.... well correct me or wrong i think this is the same width as the orange lowloader that came with the game so i dont think it was meant to handle the CR10.90 i believe it was more meant for the tractors and the rootcrop harvesters
  • Greg
    2017-01-24 22:03
    0 0
    pas moyen d ouvrir les rampes de la remorque
  • Jimmy
    2017-01-29 00:25
    0 0
    how do you lower the ramps?
  • Raymond
    2017-03-08 21:54
    0 0
    Where can we get the truck on front the loader ?
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