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Dolnoslaska Wies v1.0.0.0
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Dolnoslaska Wies v1.0.0.0

Poland map with small farms.
The player starts his career with a small machine park and plenty of field.

The map has:
- Cows, sheep, pigs, chicken
- More than 60 fields
- 3 places to sell
- Sawmill
- 4 villages
- Traffic
- Plants in the growth phase
- ChoppedStraw
- Mud
- Oat and rye
- Multi terrain
- Compatible with seasons mod
- And many more...


  • Topgun
    2018-02-02 17:44
    A very beautiful map of the east, with lots of small flakes.Congratulations to the creator ...
  • Chiyon
    2018-02-02 19:58
    the map don't work
  • Revalom
    2018-02-02 21:41
    CHIYON-Map works ! Delete other maps or update the game. Very beautiful polish landscape and climate. One of the best Polish maps. You have over 50 ha of fields + meadows. Additional oat and rye. multiterrain, seasons mod . All You need is here. Great Job Agropiotrmosz! Map for small and medium machines. 5/5 if You like medium (single player-specially) maps!
  • Chiyon
    2018-02-02 23:41
    sorry but I removed the other maps and my game is up to date, but at home the map does not work
  • Topgun
    2018-02-02 23:49
    @Chiyon Look in one of your mods that make you conflict!There is a problem with the cows' watering trough, the water is on the wrong side and the one for the grass is not there?
  • Serekpmi98
    2018-02-04 00:07
    jest błąd z obornikiem dodaje go w plikach w chodze do gry i go nie ma na pryzmie a na dodatek jak przyspiessze czs to po 30 min w grze oczywiscie ta liczba znika z opcji gry tak wiec kolego do poprawaki mapa
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