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Dondiego Map v2.6
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Dondiego Map v2.6

Welcome to Dondiego map, the map was converted from ls15 and based on my map from ls11.

Version 2.6
Tip triggers at bakery gefix.
Gold nugget in dairy is again visible.
In sawmill capacity the silo was increased.

This is 4 times large map with many new and Obiekte ls17 function.

New fruits incorporated (oats, roe, spelled, triticale, millet)
Large yard with central storage for all fruits and products with capacity of 1500000 L.
All animals on the farm
Water in the yard is free
Fillable Hoftankstelle, Werkststt with configuration Trigger
Plenty of room for Placeable objects
Sawmill - boards and chips
Grain Mill - three varieties of flour on pallet
Bakery - Bakery Products pallet
Compost master compost
Soymilk Production
Milk trigger for the cows - milk sales trigger in dairy
Biorefinery (7:00 to 18:00) - Diesel (fuel)
Supermarket sales outlet for flour and bakery product
Baumarkt TOON (10:00 to 18:00) - Internet shop boards
Traffic and pedestrians
gold nuggets
postponed reset point to the yard

Recommended Mods:
Kotte Universal Pack
Stop milk sale

I wish you much fun

Kastor, Mike Modding, farmerads, möchtegernebauen,
El Cid, BlackShep, RC-Devil, Blacky-BPG, kevink98,
Farmer_Andy, Marhu, fasi, fqC art., auwgl, Nigels,
Nils23, slowtide63,GE-Mapping,atze1978,M-S_Buschi,

  • Tim121672
    2017-03-14 13:36
    This is a great map, one of the best so far, thank you for this!!!!
  • Nito
    2017-03-14 16:14
    bonjour des que je lance la map elle et noir et je peut pas bouger merciHello I run the map it and black and I can not move thanksCan you help me thanks
  • Yan


    2017-03-14 17:13
    NICO,Il faut extraire les fichiers.
  • Nito
    2017-03-15 00:37
    slt yan jais bien extrais les fichier sa me donne 1 seul mais des que je veut jouer dans le noir et je peut pas bougercombien y a t il de fichier une fois extrais merci car je sui perdu
  • Fred
    2017-03-15 02:07
    @ NITO lorsque tu dézipe,tu doit avoir la map plus 3 fichiers dont deux pdf et une savegame
  • Nito
    2017-03-15 09:41
    merci fred je recommence encore 1 fois
  • Nito
    2017-03-15 10:01
    slt fait se que tu a dit mais toujours pareille noir et je peut pas bouger merci
  • Fre


    2017-03-15 11:59
    @ nito Si tu a des mods enlève tous et laisse que la map,sinon ton pc est t'il assez puissant ?
  • Andre
    2017-03-15 12:59
    hello. its great map I LIKE IT THIS. but I have problem I can not seed the trees
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-15 17:16
    Have a problem with "Brewery" 1. shows no "display Menu" 2. has no "pallets of bier showing" 3. dump points take Stock, but input values do not show in the Vehicles Xml file. thus no input. If I add values to the "Xml File" Bier is Produced, but still no visible Skids of Bier showing for Pickup. Bob.
  • Andre
    2017-03-16 15:01
    hello. I have problem I can not seed the trees. maybe its to much trees in the map. somebody can help me?
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